These 2 documents are due by May 14th 2019

This is for reference only - all submissions must use the electronic on-line submission link.

The 2018 Grant Submission Program  NOW CLOSED

Stay tuned for the 2019 program opening in August 


2017 Grant Highlights

Who is eligible to apply?
Any educator, parent, or community member within the North Gwinnett cluster of schools.  All applications must be approved by respective local school principals.

What can be applied for?
Educational programs and equipment that directly benefit classroom instruction within any of the North Gwinnett cluster schools.

Where do the funds come from?
Individual and corporate contributions to the NGSF, as well as proceeds from the Big T'Do Event and Online Auction.

How are funds dispersed?
Annually, the NGSF Board of Trustees will allocate at least 50% of the Big T'Do Event proceeds and donations for grants. The remaining income is used for other expenses or is deposited into an endowment fund. An Allocations Committee is appointed and tasked with determing how the funds will be distributed among the six schools according to need, number of students affected, and greatest benefit to the classroom or school.

Anything else?
Grant applications are due dates are  in the process of being formalized - so stay tuned. Grants are typically awarded each November.

We are excited to announce that in 2018 we awarded nearly $55,000 in grants and $40,000 in endowment funding.

Since  2001, more than $700,000  has been awarded in grants that benefit our students and classrooms directly. Our grants support all academic disciplines - from providing new tools for science instruction and reading to making new investments in technology - any idea that provides support for student success is welcome.