Founding Board Members
Cecil Gober*
Gay Gober

Executive Board

President:Carly Finn
Vice President:Marc Cohen
Secretary:Cindy Skibitsky
Treasurer:Tiffany Ward
Allocations Chair:Marc Cohen
Fundraising Chair:Tiffany Bellflower & John Kahren

Board of Trustees​

Kim Gallant
Sandy Izaguirre
Drew Garland
Eddie Long

Michael Gates

Eric Miller
Ray Godleski
Anne Sepko
Cevan Hokett
Chris Shumate
Quincy Hollinquest
Jason Wegmet

Board of Advisors 

Denise BrinsonNathan Ballantine - NGHS
Jace BrooksDion Jones - Roberts ES
John GreenMary Taylor - Suwanee ES
Nick MasinoWanda Law - NGMS
Kevin O'BrienBen Pope - Riverside ES
Rick PackerDaniel Skelton - Level Creek ES

Our Board 2019-2020
Core Values

The North Gwinnett Schools Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to funding grants and providing administration for various scholarships that benefit the students of the North Gwinnett cluster.

The Foundation is made up of parents, grandparents, educators, community leaders, and business partners who are working to support the efforts of teachers who are passionate about giving every student the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.

What began as an idea in the minds of a few has become the passion of many.

* - Deceased

It's 80's prom night at the 2019 Big T'Do!
Interested in Joining the Board?

If you are interested in supporting the NG cluster and NGSF in a bigger way, consider applying to the Board of Trustees.  For more information - please reach out to any of our Board of Trustee members or send an email to:

Unique Service Proposition

Like the PTA/PTSA and Local School Council groups in each school, we are focused on raising the bar for student success and achievement.  We differ, however, in that  we are focused on all schools at one time, have the ability to raise money outside of traditional school fundraisers, and are building a permanent endowment fund for the cluster.

Our Goal

Our goal is to foster student success.  We do this by providing enrichment tools and academic support to the outstanding educators in all six of our schools.  Our teachers use vertical team teaching techniques and collaborative planning to bring about high levels of learning and achievement in the classroom – supporting the individual capabilities and unique learning styles of each student.  The grants we fund foster this spirit, allowing "outside of the box" teaching methods that enable our cluster to be one of the most successful in the state.

Our Philosophy
Founded in 2001 by a group of like-minded community leaders, educators, business partners, and parents, the North Gwinnett Schools Foundation, or NGSF, is the "education booster club" for the six schools of the North Gwinnett Cluster, part of Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia.

We don't just use catch phrases like "academic achievement," "student success," and "maximizing student potential," we fulfill grants in our schools that allow them to be a reality.  We are working together to ensure the success of every student in our cluster.